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Gold Earrings by Tanache

Gold Earrings by Tanache

When it comes to accessories, earrings are a woman’s favourite jewellery piece. Gold earrings are known as heart stealers since ages now. People in UAE are well-known for their attraction towards gold. It is hard to find a woman in UAE without a pair of gold earrings. Such is their love for gold that it is hard to stop them from purchasing gold earrings. Gold earrings in UAE are purchased as a combination of love, tradition, identity and pride.

As per a study, the oldest gold earrings ever spotted were discovered in Iraq in 2500 BC. It is also said that in olden days, sailors believed gold earrings could cure bad eyesight and also were important for seafaring adventures.  With golden earrings having an importance in history, here we bring you the Tanache gold earrings collection that is sure to make you fall in love.

Gold earrings by Tanache

It’s no surprise to find a pair of gold earrings in a woman’s jewellery box. Considering a woman’s love for gold earrings. Tanache brings you an exhaustive collection of gold earrings that are suitable to flaunt on any and every occasion.

Our gold earrings are crafted in pure gold and are available in various carats i.e. 10 KT, 14KT, 18KT and 22KT. From gold stud earrings to gold jhumki earrings to gold hoops to gold diamond earrings, you get it all here. We also have a modern collection of gold earrings including gold multi-layered earrings and ear cuffs. Our gold earring collection is intricately designed and is meant for women of today who are fearless with their style and believe in experimenting with their look. The gold earrings are crafted in pure white, rose and yellow gold and we also provide you with a certificate stating its purity. We also have solitaire gold earrings that give your look the much-needed oomph.

The Tanache gold earrings collection is available in an array of shapes, settings and designs.  You can never really run out of gold earring options with us as we have a beautiful display of over 1000+ designs.

No matter what the occasion-be it a party, a wedding or an office meeting, Tanache gold earrings can be worn as the perfect ear candy to add charm to your beauty on any given day.

Gold earrings for women

For women of today, gold earrings are one of the most sought-after metals. Gold earrings not only make for a fashion accessory, but also for a good investment. Gold is a metal that will never lose its charm and will always stay in vogue. So if you are looking for a good pair of gold earrings for your loved one, then your search ends here on Tanache. With our pure gold earrings, you don’t have to think about anything much except for the ways to surprise your woman while presenting it.  At Tanache, we have gold earrings that start from a range as low as Rs. 10,000. So shop gold earrings online from Tanache to pick the best jewellery piece for yourself or for your loved one.