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Six Fashion Rules for wearing Gold you must follow

Have you ever heard about the fashion rules for wearing gold jewellery? Follow these five tips to make sure you always shine like gold. One way to make an impact with your gold jewelry is to choose a statement piece. Confident , thick and bulky rings are one of the most popular statement jewelry options, since they are not difficult to wear with just about any costume . Vintage gold rings and diamond brooches also make great statement jewelry. To wear a [...]


Rules & Ideas on how to wear a Ring

Basically a ring-sizer is a plastic sheet with various sizes mentioned on it , something you can slide off your finger into it to identify an appropriate fit. It is available with all jewelers for sizing your perfect rings so that you can make sure its comfortable while you wear it. Its fitting should not only be close enough so that it stays on, but slack enough to slide off at the finger. The below sizes are the width of your [...]